Skin Glow is the brainchild of the founder Mr. Malcolm Crawley who’s always in search of a fantastic product to market. He was based in Las Vegas when came across a retired pharmacist who looks way too young for her biological age of 60. After numerous visits and meetings, she finally let it out of the bag and divulged her beauty secret to him. Her very own fountain of youth, specially formulated and blended base coat that’s been tried, tested and used – total of 25 years in the making. Mr. Crawley in turn wasted no time in developing this special base coat to what is now known as Skinglow by Gmacs. He established GMACS Cosmetic Distributor which manufactures and owns the brand name Skinglow by Gmacs. It is FDA approved set of skincare products. It’s the perfect anti-aging system – a line based on a perfect mix, perfect synthesis of vitamins and minerals, void of harmful ingredients. Lightening your skin with no harmful hydroquinone, so you can use it for prolonged period of time. It’s no ordinary anti-aging system. Its strength comes from a base coat formula that’s got smaller molecules, allowing better skin penetration. You can feel and see it working faster. We at Skin Glow believe that having great skin can be life-changing experience.


To produce the most innovative, high quality and advanced skincare line of products. To continue producing products that will vastly improve the skin within a very short space of time using a special base coat formula with no harmful chemicals or side effects.


We wish to develop lasting partnerships and permanent relations with our clients, distributors and employees as we believe that they contribute to the success of Skinglow by Gmacs. The loyalty of our clients is the gauge of our success. It is the most important ratio indicating the quality and efficacy of our products, which also motivates us constantly. Persistently provide a quality guaranteed product lines under the most modern production facilities and quality management process.